Have you been overcharged for Australian port charges for your sea freight LCL cargo?

Whenever you import goods as sea freight Less than a Container Load [LCL], your overseas supplier gives your cargo to a freight forwarder in their country, this freight forwarder then consolidates cargo from their country and sends the cargo as a Full Container Load [FCL] to Australia. The overseas freight forwarder connects to an Australian freight forwarder [agent] who will collect the Full Container Load from the Australian wharf, take the FCL to their depot, deconsolidate the FCL [unpack] and then let everyone know that the cargo is ready to be collected and that everyone has three free days to collect before storage commences.

The Australian freight forwarder [agent] will email you a tax invoice approximately three-five days before the cargo arrives. This tax invoice will have a multitude of fees listed. In more cases than not, these fees will be false, fake or as we consider ‘fluff’ In more cases than not you will be shocked by these fees; and had you known about these fees you may never have bought the goods. You will more than likely say ‘if I had known about these fees, I would have bought the goods locally’

As the Australian freight forwarder [agent] only provides the tax invoice to you say three-five days before the cargo arrives into Australia, your clock is ticking and the port charges dispute cannot be managed or corrected within the short time frame to avoid the exorbitant storage costs.


Platinum® is here to assist

Platinum® has over twenty-three years experience in seeing these scenarios.

Platinum® is an ethically conscious company and we don’t believe in these fake, false or inflated fees. Platinum® can assist you to receive a refund of these overzealously charged port charges. Platinum® has over twenty-three years experience in customs clearance and freight forwarding; we will lodge an application with the Tribunal and will handle the dispute on your behalf. Platinum® charges a flat fee for this service.

If your cargo has arrived in the past twelve months and you feel that you have been excessively ‘ripped off’ contact us today and we will let you know how we can assist you.

Some importers import once, some importers have multiple shipments in a week; now is the time to act on your previous and current port charges invoices.


Step 1

You supply us with the Port Charges invoice for review

Step 2

We let you know how much you have overpaid

Step 3

We will lodge a claim with VCAT / NCAT / Fair Trading and recieve 30% of the amount that is refunded.

Are you Eligible for a refund?

Upload your past or current port charges invoice and we will let you know today how much we believe that you have overpaid and how much we believe that you should receive as a refund.