Avoid the Pitfalls of importing

Below are 3 examples of pitfalls experienced by importers who attempted the process without the assistance of an Australian customs broker. A small investment in our importing advice service could save your business thousands


Case Study 1

A customer imported 24 cubic metres of framed canvasses from China; the supplier told them that they “ship to Australia all the time and don’t worry everything will be fine”. The supplier sent the goods as LCL [less than a container load] whereas the goods should have been sent as FCL [full container load]. The customer paid three [3] times the amount of port charges in Australia compared to what they should have paid. But it was all too late as the goods had already arrived. The customer’s projected costing was totally invalid.

Case Study 2

A customer imported an FCL of architectural goods from the U.S.A; the supplier sent the whole container to Melbourne but the customer was located in Brisbane. The container had to be unpacked in Melbourne and then the loose goods were trucked to Brisbane. These extra costs were not factored into the customers costing.

Case Study 3

A customer imported an FCL of homewares to Melbourne from China; the supplier assured the customer that “everything would be ok” but when the fumigation certificate was assessed by DAWE [Department of Agriculture, Water  and the Environment] it was found to be fraudulent. The whole container needed to be fumigated in Melbourne. The customer incurred fumigation costs which had not been factored into their costing.

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Was fuss free for my first import of an item and explained to me the process very well and very fast time frame.
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Just wanted to thank you for outstanding customer service. I managed to put my hands on my equipment today so all went fine. And I really do appreciate quick responses and helpful advices, thnx a lot. Greets and thank you once more.

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Really happy with the fast and professional service!

Excellent, you are amazing!
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I would like to thank you guys on making this process for me easy, as I thought it would be a pain. I would like to thank Ramona for being so helpful and always staying in contact with me I really appreciate it. I would use you guys again and I will also be promoting your company on how great you are.
Sam, Infinity Fitness for Life

The service was professional and responsive. It was a pleasure to deal with someone that knew their job and was able to handle the transaction easily. Will be using Platinum again and making the most of all your services. A Hassle Free, Stress Free experience.