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We’re serious about keeping you competitive in the marketplace; we do this by offering discounted fees for your Green Cargo®. Your Green Cargo® could be anything from bicycles, solar water heaters, solar panels, enviro shopping bags, bamboo clothing, solar street lights or water tanks.


We liaise with your suppliers to facilitate a smooth and timely Green Logistics® process in freight forwarding and customs clearing your goods from your suppliers premise all the way thorough to your chosen delivery destination in Australia.


Not only will our Green Customs® team handle all aspects of your air freight and sea freight shipments; we also make sure that the correct duty rates are applied to your goods and that all Quarantine aspects have been addressed – another way we aim to save our Green Customers.


Green Customs Clearance® rewards you for importing Green and eco-friendly products to Australia. Our goal is to see Australia become a greener place and we believe you should be rewarded for your green contribution. We’re passionate about supporting local businesses who are helping Australia meet the challenges of the future by importing environmentally friendly goods.

Whether you’re helping home-owners reduce waste or minimising their reliance on grid power or providing more eco-friendly ways for people to get where they need to go, we will help you remain competitive. Qualifying customers can expect to receive significant discounts in their customs clearance fees when working with us compared to other customs brokers. We understand the challenges involved in shifting business towards a greener mindset.

We assess your product to gauge its validity as a green or eco product and if we accept that the goods are Green Freight® or Green Cargo® we will provide you with an obligation-free quote with a big discount attached.

Make the smart decision for your organisation and help make Australia a cleaner, happier and healthier place to live and work.  When deciding which customs broker to work with – choose Green Customs Clearance®.


Green Customs Clearance® is a dedicated branch of Platinum® Freight Management Pty Ltd, built to promote Green Customs® importing and offer a unique value to importers of green goods including:

  • Bicycles
  • Electric cars
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Inverters
  • Solar hot water heaters
  • Solar panels
  • Recycled plastic bags
  • Organic fabrics
  • Composters and worm farms



The Platinum® Freight Green Customs Clearance® business is built on principles. We believe that organisations devoted to making Australia a more eco-enviro friendly place should get all the support that they need.

As an Australian business ourselves, we understand the difficulties faced by other businesses when trying to remain competitive. With a global presence, we help local organisations reduce their operating costs without compromising on the quality of the service or the quantity of product that they can offer their customers.


Exceptional Customer Support


Full Compliance


Technical Expertise


Personalised Service

A new approach to Green Customs Clearance® in Australia

With all the exciting developments going on overseas in battery technology, solar power, solar heating and electric vehicles, it’s natural that Australia’s forward-thinking businesses will want to get involved and make these revolutionary products available to the local market. Fortunately, Green Customs Clearance® is here to make the process of making these emerging Green technologies accessible and affordable at the same time.

If you’re a new entrepreneur with a passion for Green technology, we encourage you to consider us for your customs clearance needs. Customs brokerage can be a complex process for first-time importers (costs can blow out of proportion if you don’t rely upon  a reliable customs broker), but our services simplify the process, making it easy to import the products that you need and into your location timely and efficiently.

Green Customs Clearance® offers companies with an eco-enviro mindset a choice. We want to see eco and enviro friendly organisations  rewarded for their efforts. To this end, companies who ship approved Green Freight® or Green Cargo® can benefit from reduced rates on our customs clearance services compared to the industry standard.

With so many enterprising start-ups looking for ways to import the best in environmentally-friendly goods such as solar panels to electric cars to bicycles to inverters and other products–to Australia, we want to help alleviate the start-up costs that importers experience. Get professional advice when you choose Green Customs Clearance® by Platinum® Freight.

Find out why organisations across the country are selecting us for their Green Customs Clearance® and get in touch today. Send a message through our contact form and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will be in contact soon.


Work with a company who understands the social and the financial importance of your business. Green Customs Clearance® develops custom logistics solutions for businesses looking to help make Australia a more environmentally and eco-friendly place to live.
We understand that timelines need to be met; if a particular deadline cannot be met we will be up-front and tell you. Choose a company which has a proven track record with other Green importers. From the time the order is placed at the factory overseas until the moment it arrives at your premise, it’ll be monitored through the international borders by our experienced team.

Green Customs Clearance® is supported by a network of shipping companies who have been pre-selected for their reliability, efficiency and effectiveness which they deliver to the shipping process. Whether you’re importing from Asia, North America, Europe or South Africa – Green Freight® forwarding will monitor your product from where it is through to where it needs to be.

We’ll work closely with your suppliers to ensure that the movement is smooth and delivery is made promptly, ensuring that you can start selling or exhibiting sooner. We understand that your business relies on the right amount of product arriving in the right place at the right time, so you can feel confident relying on us.




Make the smart choice for your Green Cargo®, your business, your customers and the environment. Green Cargo® is the dedicated green business channel for Platinum® Freight Management, a leading Australian customs brokerage who helps importers bring their goods to Australia. Green Logistics® will monitor the shipment from the supplier’s premise overseas to your premise.

Our goal is to make it easier than ever for businesses across Australia to remain competitive when Green Cargo® is being moved across borders. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you make your business greener.

An eco-conscious approach at every level

Often the first – and largest – cost when importing is the unknown costs. These unknown costs create wastage and this goes against what the you and our business is attempting to provide. Green Customs Clearance® provides you with a full costing so that you know all of the costs that can be foreseen.

Once we know the product that you wish to import, we will demystify the fees, the process and any unknowns you have about importing. We know how important it is to make an informed decision before proceeding with any orders.

Discover the difference OF Green Customs and Logistics Solutions

Whether you’re importing the next generation of electric cars or helping ordinary Australians keep fit and get where they need to go with high-quality bicycles, we want to work with you. There’s a whole generation of Australian entrepreneurs looking not just at the bottom line but at the planet around them; a class of businesspeople who want to build a better, greener world for everyone. We want to make it easier for the people leading the next wave of change in solar power and other eco-environmentally-friendly products to do business, so we offer significant discounts for clients shipping products approved as Green Freight® or Green Cargo®.

Supporting green businesses across the country

Start a discussion with our team today to find out how our dedicated team can help your business develop a niche market in Australia. Working across the country (with offices in every state), we support more organisations in more places, giving them the tailored assistance they need to get the Green products that they want.

Send us a message through our enquiry form and if your products are accepted as Green Freight® or Green Cargo®, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our services. Start a discussion and find out how our expert service could help your business grow and succeed now and into the future.

Every step of the way, we are committed to integrated quality, OHS and environmental management systems for a smooth delivery of your important parcel or freight. We are well known for meeting expected deadlines and adhering to the highest standards of customs clearance. We are constantly refining our operation in order to maintain our status as Adelaide’s premium customs broker agents.

For any further information regarding our range of services, call us on
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