End of financial year is a great time to take stock of the previous year and look at ways to save in the next. If you’re serious about saving money now and in the next financial year, then you need to look at taking advantage of all the Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) on offer and look at your previous 5 years of shipments for possible refunds.

Container-Ship-23637170Are you paying more duty than you need to?

Platinum® Freight frequently discover that importers have been paying duty on items imported into Australia which are actually entitled to Free Trade status. By consulting with a qualified customs broker prior to your shipment you can save on duty and taxes. Our experienced brokers can check whether your shipment is entitled to Free Trade Status, then, by sourcing an approved FTA certificate we negate the duty charges. Platinum® Freight can also audit your backdated shipments in order to claim reimbursements on overpaid duties and taxes.

Free Trade Agreements also present an opportunity for exporters; recipients of Australian goods could save up to one third of the purchase price in fees and taxes if the Australian exporter sources an approved Certificate of Origin [CoO] and complies with all of the necessary requirements. Savings like this could secure repeat business and therefore increased profits for your business.

Future success starts today

The importing process can be daunting. However, with the knowledge and guidance of a qualified customs broker, you can take the uncertainty out of importing. Platinum® Freight are well versed in all aspects of importing and exporting and will explore every opportunity for you to save. Call 1300 882 877 today and discover how you can make the next financial year one to celebrate.

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