Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry [DAFF]

Submission from:
Platinum Freight Management Pty Ltd, a Licensed Corporate Customs Brokerage [LCCB] since 2000 and Peter McRae, a Licensed Customs Broker [LCB] since 1998 [qualifications are listed at the end of this submission].

DAFF have since 16 January 2023 received extra $9 per sea freight Full Import Declaration (1).

DAFF now receive an extra $4,224,924 [469,436 x $9]

DAFF now receive an extra $11,811,501 [1,312,389 x $9]

DAFF now receive an extra $16,036,425 from industry

DAFF also have in recent years implemented a $2900 [3 year validity] fee upon Licensed Customs Brokers who participate in DAFF’s Approved Arrangements (3).

In recent years DAFF have either waived the fee or have reduced the fee to $500.

We expect that DAFF will soon return to charging Licensed Customs Brokers this fee again.

DAFF have a horrendous service record with industry in regards to document processing. This is caused by 1) DAFF rotating staff every three months and or 2) DAFF being unable to retain document processing staff.

DAFF since March 2023 take in excess of 5 to 7 business days to process a customs entry. The situation became so dire, that DAFF advised industry that they could pay DAFF overtime rates in order to have their documents processed (4) .

When a customs entry is awaiting DAFF document processing, the importer is liable to pay 1) storage at the wharf, or 2) storage at the unpack depot and 3) rent/detention on the shipping container.

Considering that industry have since January 2023 paid DAFF an extra $9 per sea FID and pay DAFF an Approved Arrangement fee and pay DAFF overtime rates to have documents processed; it is farcical to think that industry should pay
more to a Government Department which has over many, many years been the same in regards to 1) high employee turnover, 2) high employee rotation and or 3) slow document processing turnaround times.

Industry pays enough to DAFF. We should not be required to pay more.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

Peter McRae
Director – Platinum Freight Management Pty Ltd [since 2000]
Customs Broker [since 1998]
TAFE NSW – Teacher – Customs Brokering [since 2008]
Masters of International Customs Law and Administration
Masters of International Revenue Administration
Certified Customs Specialist Canada
Certified Trade Compliance Specialist Canada
Certified Customs Specialist U.S.A

accessed 23 April 2023.

(2) Freedom of Information requests from the Department of Home Affairs

accessed 23 April 2023.

accessed 23 April 2023.