Freight Forwarders in Sydney & FremantleAs a capable and qualified company of freight forwarders in Sydney will be able to provide accurate logistical information regarding the movement of your goods and assist with all relevant documentation necessary for customs compliance. As an experienced company we will also work with your suppliers, airlines and shipping companies to provide with clarity and certainty surrounding your shipments movement.

Platinum® is one of the most trusted providers of freight forwarding services in Sydney. Our team of forwarders have more than 20 years of international trade experience dedicated to air freight and sea freight movements from all corners of the globe. Our leading-edge in house software enables us to monitor your shipment from the point of collection thru to delivery – no matter if it is being sent by air freight or sea freight. Our freight forwarding service takes the guesswork out of the equation, and we even investigate ways that we may be able to save you money. We remain true to our motto, that there is “simply no higher level of service®.


  • One on one customer service
  • Open 7 days with extended hours
  • Over 20 years of experience dealing with international trade projects
  • Superior freight forwarding solutions
  • Rated as “Highly Compliant” by The Australian Border Force
  • We investigate all options to save you money

We are the only choice

Platinum®’s team in Sydney are fully versed in the procedures and policies surrounding the international movement of goods and we are continually refining our practices to reduce expense and increase customer savings. We are proud of our identity as Sydney’s premium freight forwarding company and whether your shipment is large or small, we treat your goods with the utmost care. We consider our service unmatched, and we aim to ensure that procedures are in place at all times for a smooth transference of your goods.

We look forward to working with you

Every step of the way, from the time that your goods are sourced from overseas until they are delivered to your location, we will oversee the process, monitor the progress of your freight and keep you informed. We provide all the tools required for a smooth and time efficient delivery.

Call us today on 1300 882 877 regarding any questions that you may have regarding our freight forwarding solutions.