Importing Food and Drinks to Australia

Importing food and non-alcoholic drinks to Australia is very common; Australians enjoy experiencing food and drink from other countries. Importing food and drink is not a cheap exercise or a simple process. If all facets of the project have not been considered before purchasing the food and drink and before the goods have departed for Australia – the exercise can be much more costly.

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 and the Food Regulation 2015 changes frequently. As a trusted customs clearance broker, Platinum®  assesses the food and drink you are about to purchase against the current rules and policies.  When you partner with an experienced customs broker like Platinum®, importing food and drink into Australia can be a smooth and efficient process.

Why Choose Platinum® To Customs Clear Food and Drinks

Food and non-alcoholic drink imports require meticulous attention to detail from the very beginning through to the end; your dedicated customs broker will liaise with both your overseas manufacturer and yourself to make sure that the paperwork for the Australian Border Force customs clearance and the DAFF clearance is correct before shipping.

Before the food and drink arrives in Australia, we would have pre-cleared the food and drink so that the goods can leave the airport terminal or sea freight depot without delay. As these goods have a perishable status, they should promptly be removed from the airline terminal or sea freight depot.

Your dedicated customs broker will coordinate the supply and logistics path with you and your supplier.

We have seen importers who have imported food and drink and don’t possess the correct paperwork resulting in the goods being surrendered and destroyed at the importer’s expense.


Importing excavators
Importing excavators

Our team of experts has over 23 years of experience navigating the unique challenges presented with food and drink imports; we will work closely with you and your supplier every step of the way.

Whether your supplier is coordinating the shipping and you need to rely upon us to process the Australian aspects; we would still need to be involved in the procurement process as early as possible. We always aim to remove the ‘problems’ and ‘issues’ before they can occur – this is due to our detailed knowledge and experience in importing food and drink. 

If you’re looking for a partner you can trust to handle your most delicate import needs, look no further than Platinum® Freight Management. With us, you can be confident that your food and drink imports are in good hands!

Types of Food and Drinks That We Can Customs Clear

At Platinum® Freight Management, we will only deal with food and non-alcoholic drink imports that have been purchased directly from the manufacturer overseas; we will not deal with wholesale purchases [where you have purchased the goods from a third party].

With our comprehensive knowledge and expertise, we can ensure that your food and drink imports arrive safely, securely, and on time.

Our team of dedicated food customs brokers experts will work closely with you to assess potential risks and challenges associated with importing food and drink into Australia and develop a customised forward-thinking plan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Importing Food and Drinks

    Can I import food and non-alcoholic drinks into Australia?

    You can import most food and drink imports to Australia; however the rules do frequently change. Issues surrounding labelling, ingredients lists, overseas manufacturers declarations, on-shore testing and lab reports all add costs to your shipment.


    You will also need to be prepared in pay Australian import duty and import GST if your food or drink is considered to be further processed and unable to claim GST-FREE. The food and drink will also need to be labelled correctly prior to shipping to Australia.

    What food and drink cannot be brought into Australia?

    The Australian Border Force [ABF] lists prohibited items in the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. If other food or drink cannot meet the DAFF requirements, it will need to be surrendered and destroyed upon arrival.

    What do I need to import food and drink?

    There is a multitude of paperwork and issues that need to be addressed ahead of time so that you can import food and drink to Australia; firstly making sure that you can receive all of the ingredients and the manufacturer’s declarations from the overseas manufacturer and secondly all of the labelling requirements have been addressed prior to shipping.

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