Importing Jewellery

When it comes to importing jewellery to Australia, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered. Australia’s import Regulations and Australia’s Free Trade Agreements are two issues that need to be considered; it is important to carefully research the related policies before making any purchases.

Additionally, when importing precious, valuable items like jewellery, it is crucial to consider the costs and potential risks of handling these items through the transportation process. Your cargo should be insured at all times, and your cargo should be pre-cleared before arrival in Australia so that the goods can be delivered to you promptly.

With all of these considerations in mind, those who are interested in importing jewellery into Australia can benefit from working closely with a trustworthy and experienced customs broker like Platinum®, who can assist you in navigating this often complex process with ease.

Why Choose Platinum® Freight Management To Import Your JEWELLERY?

At Platinum®, we are committed to providing commercial jewellers with the most reliable and efficient services when it comes to customs clearing both their saleable stock and trade fair samples thru the Australian Border Force [ABF].

Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the intricacies of this process allow us to provide our customers with peace of mind and ensure that their shipments are handled quickly and successfully at all stages.

If you’re sending jewellery from one corner of the world to Australia, trust Platinum® to help you have your goods where they need to be quickly and smoothly. Simply no higher level of service® is our motto and we consider ourselves to be the customs clearance experts who jewellers rely upon to customs clear their shipments in Australia. Contact Platinum® today!

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Types of JEWELLERY You Can Import

At Platinum® Freight Management, we can help you import the following types of jewellery:


  • Gold jewellery
  • Silver jewellery
  • Platinum jewellery
  • Pearls – natural or cultured 
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Precious stones

    Gold Jewellery

    Importing gold jewellery is a common practice for many businesses in today’s global marketplace. This is because gold jewellery has long been seen as a symbol of luxury and status; it can add beauty to the person that it adorns. Needless to say that there is a high demand for this type of jewellery around the world, particularly for products that are associated with luxury or prestige.

    Silver Jewellery

    Importing silver jewellery is a popular pursuit among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Silver jewellery can be found all over the world, and there are numerous sources from which to purchase these pieces. Importing silver jewellery allows you to build a diverse collection that contains pieces from many different cultures and styles.

    Platinum Jewellery

    Platinum is known for its versatility, as it can be shaped and formed into a wide range of designs, from intricate earrings and necklaces to bold bracelets and rings. Moreover, because it is a rare material, platinum typically has less environmental impact than other precious metals such as gold or silver. As such, many consumers aspire to purchase items made from this precious metal.

    Pearls – natural or cultured

    Whether you wish to import natural or cultured pearls, Platinum® have customers who import loose pearls, strung pearls and jewellery which contains pearls within the settings. There are no issues with importing these items to Australia.

    Semi-Precious Stones

    Whether you wish to import tourmaline, amethyst, garnet, jade or aquamarine, Platinum® have customers who import loose semi-precious stones and also jewellery that contains semi-precious stones within the settings. There are no issues with importing these items to Australia.

    Precious Stones

    Importing precious stones is an important part of the international gem trade. Whether you are importing diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds, we can assist you to have these precious stones customs cleared in Australia. These rare minerals have been prized for millennia, and countries around the world produce and export a wide range of them. Importing these precious stones however requires careful attention to detail, as there are a number of Regulations and procedures that must be followed.

    Contact Platinum® Freight Management Today!

    With more than two decades of servicing jewellers; this tenure has provided us with unrivalled experience in importing jewellery, precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls. We understand the Australian Broder [ABF] process for importing jewellery, we stay abreast of new and existing Free Trade Agreements and we are always looking for new ways to minimise importing fees and charges.


    As a longstanding member of the Jewellers Association of Australia [JAA], we are committed to our motto of offering jewellers: Simply no higher level of service® in both customs clearing saleable stock and trade fair samples through the Australian border.


    Let us take the administrative headache out of your importing process. We can guide, advise and manage any aspect of the customs clearance and importing process on your behalf; we are sure that we can save you on fees and charges at the same time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About
    Importing Jewellery

    Can I import jewellery into Australia?

    You can import jewellery into Australia either in your personal or business name; the fees and taxes are the same. Some jewellery has compliance issues that need to be met before the goods can depart for Australia.

    What type of jewellery cannot be brought into Australia?

    Some types of jewellery have compliance issues that need to be addressed before purchase; such as watches with reptile or exotic skin watch bands or diamonds referred to as ‘blood diamonds’. Jewellery made from wood or plant material will need to be assessed in accordance with the current Biosecurity Regulations.

    What do you need when importing jewellery to Australia?

    There are three key people involved in any successful jewellery importation to Australia; 1) your supplier, 2) your customs broker and 3) yourself. These three people work together to make sure that the transaction and logistics process goes smoothly. 

    Importing Jewellery