Importing New Pneumatic Tyres

At Platinum®, we excel in importing pneumatic tyres from abroad to Australia, making us a trusted choice amongst importers. With our extensive twenty-five years of experience, we guarantee effortless shipping, efficient customs clearance and prompt delivery to your desired destination. Whether you require new pneumatic tyres for your bicycles, passenger motor vehicles, trucks or buses, our expertise ensures you a seamless logistics process and satisfaction at every step. 

Our comprehensive import solution for new pneumatic tyres ensures that you find the optimal shipment option. Trust our expertise to smoothly navigate the complexities of importing to Australia.

Choose Platinum® To Import New Pneumatic Tyres

When importing new pneumatic tyres, partnering with Platinum® guarantees you a seamless and hassle-free customs and quarantine experience. Our expertise lies in handling all of the necessary paperwork and ensuring its accuracy before the goods are shipped from overseas to Australia. Trust Platinum® to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring compliance with all of the relevant regulations before the new pneumatic tyres arrive into Australia.

By opting for Platinum® as your customs broker, rest assured that the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will accept the paperwork that your overseas supplier prepares for your shipment of new pneumatic tires. Our dedicated customs team specialises in managing Full Container Loads [FCL’s] of new pneumatic tyres, offering you the expertise required to navigate the intricate documentation requirements of this commodity.



When you collaborate with Platinum®, you will gain access to our extensive expertise dealing with customs and quarantine issues, coupled with our wealth of importing experience. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, working closely with both your overseas supplier and yourself throughout the procurement and logistics process. Our aim is to make sure that your pneumatic tyre shipment meets all of the relevant regulations before the shipment departs from overseas. Our priority is to ensure that your shipment is compliant and has been streamlined for pre-clearance before the goods arrive into Australia. We would advise your overseas supplier what paperwork we will require from them to make sure that all concerns with DAFF can be addressed; we always aim to have your shipment pre-cleared through both the ABF and the DAFF so that when the goods arrive there are minimal delays, this ensures that delivery to your location is quick. We monitor your cargo from the point of shipment through to your location.

When you rely upon Platinum®, you will enjoy a seamless and hassle-free customs clearance and importing experience when it comes to your new pneumatic tyre shipment. Our team of customs professionals are dedicated to your success, always aiming for a streamlined and hassle free experience from the very beginning through to completion. Enjoy the Platinum® difference when it comes to importing to Australia.

Expertise That You Can Trust

At Platinum®, we are committed to delivering you exceptional customer service, which is backed-up by our 25 years of customs brokering experience; over these years we have customs cleared and freight forwarded new pneumatic tyres to Australia. When you choose Platinum® as your customs brokering partner for your new pneumatic tyres, you can remain confident that you have entrusted your business to a true industry expert who both understands the complexities of this commodity and understands how to simplify the process.

As customs brokers in this field, we have an in-depth understanding of the regulations and requirements for importing new pneumatic tyres into Australia. It is important to note that we do not handle any used tyre shipments into or out of Australia. Our team remains current with the latest import regulations, guaranteeing that your shipments comply with all of the necessary policies before the goods depart from overseas. We possess extensive knowledge of the key issues that must be addressed and proactively handle these matters early in the procurement process.

Platinum® takes great pride in being your trusted customs partner for all of your pneumatic tyre imports. With our unrivalled expertise, extensive resources and dedicated customer support, we know that we ensure a seamless and hassle-free import experience. Rest assured that your business success remains at the front of our mind, allowing you to further develop your business with peace of mind.

Partner with Platinum® for your pneumatic tyre imports and discover the difference of working alongside an experienced customs brokerage that you can rely upon. Allow Platinum® to handle the complexities of processing your new pneumatic tyre imports; guaranteeing you contentment at every stage.

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Whether you’re new to importing or seeking the Platinum® difference, our customised One Touch® approach ensures that you have a dedicated point of contact from start to finish. Unlike other customs brokerages, our exclusive service eliminates delays, obstacles and frustrations, streamlining the entire customer journey for your convenience.


To initiate your Platinum® journey, contact us through our website or phone. Our team of committed customs clearance experts will be more than happy to assist you. Trust Platinum® to understand your import project and to offer you an optimal customised solution for your business.


Discover the distinct Platinum® difference and collaborate with a reliable customs clearance brokerage. Contact us now and set off on the path to a seamless and hassle-free import experience for your new shipment of pneumatic tyres.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Importing
new pneumatic tyres

Can I import new pneumatic tyres into Australia?

Yes, you can import new pneumatic tyres to Australia, either in your personal or business name; however, we will need a suite of supportive paperwork from your overseas supplier before the goods are shipped to Australia. We would work with both your overseas supplier and yourself to address all of the Australian issues before the shipment departs.

Are there any circumstances where new pneumatic tyres cannot be imported into Australia?

If your new pneumatic tyre import cannot arrive with supportive paperwork, the new pneumatic tyre shipment will need to inspected as the tyres will be deemed a high risk; you will incur higher quarantine costs, a quarantine depot fee, delays and possibly storage costs. As you can see, meticulous planning needs to occur before you even purchase the new pneumatic tyres from overseas.

What do you need to import new pneumatic tyres?

Platinum® would work closely with both your overseas supplier and yourself to address the suite of paperwork that will be required to meet the DAFF requirements.

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