Importing via TNT®

TNT® is a renowned express courier service, well-known for its efficient transportation of packages from one location to another swiftly. Whether it’s your home or office, TNT® will pick up your packages and take over the entire process until the packages are delivered to your doorstep in Australia.

However, when it comes to ‘personal effects’, items that you have owned and used for the previous 12 months before their arrival, TNT® in Australia does not handle the customs clearance or quarantine clearance formalities. Upon the arrival or imminent arrival of your package/s, TNT® will typically notify you via email, indicating that you need to find an Australian customs broker.

We, on numerous occasions, have been chosen by importers to act as that customs broker, ensuring that the packages are seamlessly processed through the Australian Border Force [ABF] and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry [DAFF].

TNT® in Australia has two policies:

1) they charge storage fees after 24 hours once your nominated customs broker has been selected and notified to process your shipment, and

2) they return the packages to the originating country if the packages have not been processed promptly, typically within a few days.

If you’re considering shipping your personal belongings to Australia via TNT®, we suggest you count on Platinum® Freight Management to assist you with the Australian customs and quarantine clearance.

With over twenty-three years of experience working with TNT®, the ABF, and DAFF, we can guarantee that your goods will be processed swiftly and efficiently.

We’ll keep you updated about the status of your clearance, and you’ll be able to track the progress of your shipment. Our service ensures your peace of mind, knowing that your shipment is in reliable hands. Reach out to us today for more information.

TNT® is a registered trademark of TNT Express.

Why Opt for Platinum® Freight Management for Your PERSONAL EFFECTS Import?

TNT® is a pioneering force in the realm of express courier services, known for their efficiency in moving packages through their system from the pick-up point to the final delivery destination.

However, when it comes to importing personal effects, the process can become complex and daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of international import procedures. This is where Platinum® Freight Management should be your go-to resource.

We specialise in customs clearance for personal effects within the TNT® system. We are equipped to guide you smoothly and swiftly through the process. We’ll handle all the necessary paperwork to ensure that your shipment is back on track and headed towards its final destination.

So, why opt for Platinum®? Simply because we streamline the Australian customs clearance process, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most. We make the process stress-free, turning the complicated into the straightforward.

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We Can Customs Clear The Following Types of Personal Effects

At Platinum® Freight Management, we offer assistance with the import of various types of personal effects, including:

  • Items that have been in your possession and use for the past 12 months
  • Additional baggage transferred from abroad through the TNT® network
  • Newly acquired items mixed in with your personal effects

Personal belongings used and owned by you for the past 12 months

Relocating to Australia or returning home after a period abroad often involves bringing along personal belongings acquired during your time overseas. You have several options for shipping these items to Australia: 1) using an express courier service like TNT®, 2) via a standard air cargo airline, or 3) through sea freight. To qualify as ‘personal effects’, these items must have been in your possession and use for at least 12 months before their arrival. If this condition isn’t met, the ABF may impose import duty and GST on your goods.

At Platinum®, we strive to pre-clear your personal effects before they reach Australia, although we understand that this might not always be feasible.


      Excess baggage sent from overseas through the TNT® network

      We often get queries such as ‘what happens if I ship my excess luggage back to Australia?’ or ‘we are vacationing abroad and want to send our ski gear back to Australia.’

      In both cases, the customer’s pre-owned and used items have been picked up by TNT®, and we’ve handled the customs and quarantine clearance as the items make their way to Australia.

      We request the customer to provide a detailed inventory of the packages and the TNT® tracking numbers so we can initiate the pre-clearance process with the ABF and DAFF.

      New items included in your personal effects

      Including new items in your shipment of personal effects is perfectly fine. However, you’ll need to provide a comprehensive list of these items, including quantities and values, to calculate import duties and GST. While your personal effects remain tax-free, these new items will be subject to an import tax assessment.

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      Reach out to Platinum® for assistance with importing your personal effects through TNT® by air. Our team of experienced customs brokers is well-equipped to ensure a smooth and straightforward process.


      We are seasoned professionals in this domain, capable of facilitating the customs clearance of your personal effects efficiently, effortlessly, and without any complications. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get the ball rolling!

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      Frequently Asked Questions About
      Importing VIA TNT®

      Can I import personal effects into Australia?

      In Australia, personal effects are goods you have owned and utilised for the past 12 months. However, there are exceptions to this classification – items that haven’t been in your possession and use for the preceding 12 months do not fall under the category of personal effects.

      What types of personal effects cannot be brought into Australia?

      Should you be bringing personal effects into Australia that inherently necessitate import permits, like previously owned firearms or accessories made from endangered species such as handbags or shoes, it’s imperative to have these permits arranged prior to the departure of these goods from the overseas location to Australia. 

      What do you need to import personal effects?

      The process of clearing personal effects that are scheduled to arrive or have already been delivered through TNT necessitates the submission of several documents; these include 1) the TNT tracking numbers, 2) a comprehensive list of items within the packages, and 3) an unaccompanied personal effects statement from ABF.

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