Importing soft play equipment is an essential step for any business that is looking to offer high-quality play experiences for its customers. Soft play equipment encompasses a wide variety of products, including jumping castles, daycare centre toys and equipment, plastic balls for pits and air blowers for the jumping castles themselves.

By importing these types of products, businesses are able to access the latest and most innovative designs. Additionally, importing soft play equipment allows businesses to take advantage of low manufacturing costs from around the world.

If you’re importing soft play equipment for a large daycare centre or a small bounce party rental company, engaging with an importing specialist like Platinum® can help ensure that your customers have access to the best possible products available on the market.

Why Choose Platinum® Freight Management To Import Your PLAY EQUIPMENT?

There is no better choice than Platinum® when importing soft play equipment. Our team has over 22 years of experience in importing jumping castles, toys, playground equipment, plastic balls for use in pit areas and air blowers for keeping these bouncy castles inflated.

Whether you are looking to equip a new daycare centre or replace aging equipment in an existing facility, we have the knowledge and resources to assist in having your import process run smoothly from the very start to the finish.

We can handle the import logistics on your behalf, ensuring that each shipment arrives quickly and safely at its destination. With our comprehensive import tracking system, you can receive up-to-date information about where your shipment is located.

Simply put, when importing soft play equipment like jumping castles and other supplies for children’s play areas, there is no better choice than Platinum®. So, why not contact us today to see how we can help bring your vision for kids’ play spaces to life?

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Types of Soft Play Equipment That You Can Import

At Platinum® Freight Management, we can help you import the following types of soft play equipment:


  • Jumping castles
  • Daycare centre toys & equipment
  • Plastic balls for play pits
  • Air blowers for the jumping castles

    Jumping Castles

    Importing jumping castles can be a great way to provide an extra element of fun and excitement at parties, events, and other special occasions. Whether you’re looking to import bouncy castles for renting or for a grand opening, birthday party, family reunion or other celebration, there are a number of benefits to importing.

    Daycare Centre Toys & Equipment

    When running a daycare centre, it is essential to have high-quality toys and equipment to keep children engaged and entertained. We specialise in assisting you to import high-quality toys and equipment for use in your daycare centre. Whether you wish to import educational materials, outdoor play structures or age-appropriate toys, there is a wide selection of products to choose from and import.

    Plastic Balls For Play Pits

    Importing plastic balls for play pits is an important part of maintaining safe and efficient playgrounds. These balls help to cushion children when they fall and they also provide a soft surface on which kids can run and play freely and enthusiastically. In addition, the lightweight nature of these balls makes them easy to transport and install, minimising time and labour costs while also reducing the risk of injury associated with heavier equipment.

    Overall, importing plastic balls for pits is an essential component of creating a safe and fun playground for children of all ages.

    Air Blowers For Jumping Castles

    There is no point in having a jumping castle if you don’t have a reliable air blower to keep the jumping castle functioning. Many of our customers will import the jumping castle and air blowers together; sometimes they will import spare blowers in the event that one malfunction. As long as the power adaptor can manage Australia’s power; you’re jumping castle will be active in no time.

    Contact Platinum® Freight Management Today!

    If you need to import soft play equipment for your business or facility, look no further than Platinum®. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting your business in importing the highest quality products whilst maintaining competitive prices.


    We understand the challenges of importing large and delicate items, and we have the expertise and resources needed to navigate every step of the process efficiently and effectively.


    Whether you’re looking to import soft play equipment for your daycare centre, school playground or children’s play area at your restaurant, we have the experience and expertise necessary to make it happen. Contact Platinum® today and let us assist you in importing all of the soft play equipment your business needs!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About
    Importing play equipment

    Can I import soft play equipment into Australia?

    There are no restrictions in importing soft play equipment to Australia; Australia has Free Trade Agreements with many countries and more than likely your goods will be waived of import duty but will need to pay the import GST. 


    What type of soft play equipment cannot be brought into Australia?

    We have clients who import all items that a typical daycare centre would require in order to start operations [artificial grass, balls for the play pits, fixed equipment and even shade.

    What do you need when importing soft play equipment to Australia?

    There are always three people involved in any successful international transaction; 1) your supplier, 2) your customs broker and 3) yourself. These three people will work together to make sure that your import goes smoothly. The basic paperwork required will include, 1) invoice, 2) packing list, 3) shipping papers and 4) photos of the items unpackaged. 

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