Importing Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts we can spoil our special someone – but – have you ever stopped to think about where all of these gifts come from or how these gifts actually make their way to Australia?

A great deal of what is purchased for February 14th – Valentine’s Day, has to be imported into Australia. Whether it is roses, chocolates, gift cards, gift bags, clothing or perfume; more likely than not it was imported to Australia.

The process of importing goods into Australia can be complex and require assistance from a professional customs broker like Platinum® Freight Management.

Why Choose Platinum® To Import Valentine’s Day Gifts

All of the items would need to be processed through the Australian Border Force (ABF) and/or the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). A customs brokerage like Platinum® can help guide you through this process with our expertise in international trade Regulations and procedures.

Our team are familiar with both the import and export procedures as well as the quarantine documentary requirements as ser out by DAFF which must be meet and adhered to when importing goods into Australia.

In addition, we will also ensure that all of the necessary documentation is accurate and complete prior to submitting your entry to the ABF and DAFF. This includes the correct tariff classification which will determine the correct duties [if any] and any GST payable for the goods arriving into Australia. It is important that this information is accurate as the information can be verified for up to five years from the time of lodgement; incorrect details could lead to monetary penalties and or a higher rate of surveillance.

This is why Platinum® should be your first choice when importing Valentine’s Day gifts into Australia.


Types of Valentine’s Day gifts that we customs clear:

  • Refrigerated / temperature controlled cargo – chocolates from France
  • Dangerous goods – perfumes from France
  • Perishable cargo – roses from South America
  • Clothing from China
  • Gift bags from China
  • Tissue paper from China
  • Gift cards from China
  • Precious metals – high value cargo – jewellery from Italy / Thailand
  • High value cargo – diamonds from India

Expertise That You Can Trust

Platinum® has been handling imports and exports for over 23 years, which means that we have over two decades of experience in this field.

Our team is knowledgeable about international trade laws and local Regulations, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely without any issues along the way.

In addition, our Australian based customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have throughout the entire process

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    Relying upon Platinum® and our customs brokers is essential when you are  importing goods into Australia; especially for busy times like Valentine’s Day!


    If you need assistance in importing goods into Australia this retail season or beyond, contact Platinum® today. We will make sure that your items arrive safely while complying with all of relevant import Regulations and procedures so you don’t have any unexpected surprises come 14 February.

    Have peace of mind of knowing that we can help you make it happen with our decades of experience and premium service.




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    Frequently Asked Questions About Importing For Valentine’s Day

    Can I import Valentine’s Day items into Australia?

    Most items that we customs clear for Valentine’s Day arrive with no issues. We do need to be able to liase with you and your overseas suppliers before the goods are shipped to Australia, so that we can become familiar with your products and address any issues before shipping.

    Are there any circumstances where Valentine’s Day items cannot be brought into Australia?

    A few items that do bring concerns are items made from dairy, nuts or items that originate from the ground; these items will have clear standards and requirements set out by DAFF.

    What do you need to import Valentine’s Day items?

    Valentine’s Day items can be imported to Australia either in your personal name or in your business name; the tax rate and the procedures are the same.

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