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Sea freight LCL Shipping

Are you in the market for freight forwarding services from France to Australia? If so, then you should consider Platinum® as your freight forwarding service provider. 

Our comprehensive and reliable service is tailored to meet your unique needs when it comes to international sea freight transportation.  Here’s why our services are unlike any other freight forwarder or customs broker for sea freight LCL (Less than a Container Load) shipping from France to Australia. 

Platinum® Efficiency Solutions

At Platinum®, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to international shipping. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our clients receive efficient solutions that will have their goods where they need them as quickly as possible. We can assist with cargo departing from Fos-sur-Mer, Le Havre, Lyon, Marseille and Paris. We liase closely with you and your French supplier to have your shipment move across international borders with ease. 

Platinum® Customised Service

Every client’s needs are different, and at Platinum®, we take pride in providing customised services tailored specifically to each individual shipment. From selecting the correct port of departure, having the export clearance undertaken in France, insuring the cargo before departure and having all of the Australian paperwork in order before the goods depart from France.

Platinum® Dedication and Quality Care

Above all else, we understand that your goods are important and valuable to you, your business and to your end customer. We strive for excellence in all areas of service by providing quality care via our experienced staff who remain constantly available throughout the shipment process.

French cargo to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle and Adelaide:

  • Le Havre
  • Fos-sur-Mer
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Paris
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Trust Platinum® to move your goods from Le Havre,
Fos-sur-Mer, Lyon, Marseille or Paris

You can trust the team at Platinum® when it comes to finding efficient solutions for your sea freight LCL (Less than a Container Load) shipment from France to Australia. 

Our commitment is unparalleled, from customised services tailored specifically for each individual shipments to quality care provided by our experienced staff who stay with you throughout every step of the shipping process.

There’s no better option when it comes to sea freight forwarding services from France to Australia! Contact us today for more information!

Le Havre Port and its shipping activities in France at night

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship goods from France to Australia?

On average, shipping by sea from France can range from say 39-59 days. You will also need to add extra time for the container to be packed in France and also time for the container to be unpacked in Australia.

What are the customs and import duties involved when freight forwarding from France to Australia?

At the moment France [which is part of the European Union] and Australia do not have a Free Trade Agreement, but there is a FTA under negotiation, it is to be known as the Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement [AEUFTA]. Once this FTA comes into force, it is expected that goods manufactured within the European Union will be duty free but will still be assessed for GST [if applicable], wine tax [if applicable] and excise tax [if applicable].

Are there any restrictions on the types of goods that can be shipped from France to Australia?

The Regulations and rules surrounding imports from France frequently change; for up to date information on the rules and Regulations when importing to Australia, this would need to be assessed prior to purchasing your French goods.