Platinum® Customs Entry Review Service (CERS)

Time and time again we see customs clearances, performed by other brokerages that have been either underpaid or overpaid. There have been occasions where goods were levied with a duty tariff, when in fact the goods were eligible for a reduced or even a zero duty tariff.

One of the most effective and economical ways for importers to benefit from our 13  years of expertise, is to participate in the Platinum® Customs Entry Review Service (CERS).

Three Simple Steps

The process by which the CERS is undertaken is basically in three stages.

  • The first stage is a preliminary meeting to familiarise Platinum® with your product range.
  • The second stage involves checking your customs documentation for the previous 12 to 60 months.
  • The third stage involves Platinum® seeking rulings from the Australian Customs Service to satisfy grounds for refunds where applicable.

Having completed the CERS, Platinum® would then be in a stronger position to advise you of the full range of possible options available to you.

No Errors = No Charge = Nothing to Lose.

We believe the CERS is highly attractive to importers as no charge is made whilst undertaking the CERS.  If no errors are found, no charge is incurred.

If, however errors are identified, Platinum® will charge on a basis of monetary refunds received or monetary penalties eliminated.

It has been our experience, that the majority of our clients who have participated in the Platinum® Customs Entry Review Service (CERS), have benefited by recovering duties that have been overpaid erroneously.