Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are those that we come across often in our line of work. If you do not find the answers you require here, please email as at or visit the contact us section of this site and fill out the online email form.

What are the duty and GST rates applicable for items entering Australia?

A: Send us an email on the particular items you would like to import and any technical data sheets that you may have and we will investigate the applicable rates of duty and any GST if applicable. Back to Top ^

What costs are involved with using a Customs Broker ?

A: The costs vary depending on the service requested, however we forward a detailed quote to you before commencing work so that you are able to estimate the costs of having your goods cleared. Back to Top ^

What does a Customs Broker do?

A: A Customs Brokers role can be very diverse depending on the clients that they retain. A Customs Broker will develop knowledge and skills in performing clearances for clients who they specialise in.

A Customs Broker will receive the initial shipping documents from you then he / she will:

  • Contact the airline / shipping line to request details of the cargos arrival date.
  • Attend to the airline / shipping line to collect a ‘delivery order’ and pay any charges necessary to the airline / shipping line.
  • Attend to Customs for any documentary checks necessary on a Customs clearance file.
  • Attend to AQIS for any documentary checks necessary on a Customs clearance file.
  • Attend to any inspections / examinations in relation to Australian Customs, AQIS, pillage or damage.
  • Organise collection of cargo from the airline / wharf.
  • Organise delivery to your premises.
  • Forward to you a completed Customs Clearance folder which needs to be retained by ‘the owner of the goods’ for a minimum of years. Back to Top ^

What is a freight forwarder?

A: A freight forwarder is someone who has agents overseas who can be relied upon to have your goods transported to and from Australia. A freight forwarder can organise to have your boxes, containers collected from your suppliers premises and then shipped to Australia and then customs cleared then delivered to your premises. Back to Top ^

Why do I need a packing declaration for my sea freight shipment ?

A: A packing declaration is required by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service ( AQIS )  for all sea freight shipments. The packing declaration should be completed by the packer of the goods and by having a packing declaration costs can be saved in inspection fees. Back to Top ^

What is a customs broker?

A: A Customs Broker is licensed by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) to customs clear import and export cargo. A customs broker performs customs clearances electronically in most instances and a response is received from Customs to determine if the goods can be collected from the wharf or airline and delivered to the customer. Back to Top ^