With the silly season looming, it’s time to share our tips on how to save the most on 2017 Christmas imports:


1. Say no to port fees through your global supplier

Global suppliers are known to over-charge Australian importers on Australian port fees by engaging with high-cost agencies of their own choosing, rather than an agency appointed by you. Remember, agencies you appoint will ensure your customer experience (and budget) is at top of mind. Partner with a broker before you make your order is paid to the supplier in full. We can negotiate the minimal Port Fees that will apply and ensure you don’t pay any more than the minimum. Read about one importer who learned the hard way.


2.  Streamline your logistics ahead of time

Storage at ports is crippling to many importers who don’t plan efficient freighting services. Be prepared. Ensure your paperwork is correct and complete, and your logistics providers are pre-booked to avoid unnecessary holding fees at port or terminal.


3. Partner and pre-plan

Do you know what the minimum importing fees are for the goods you are ordering? Is there a cheaper way? These are the questions a broker considers when planning and administering your Customs Clearance paperwork. Partner with us before your goods are due and ensure you bring your importing costs down.


4. It pays to work with local people

A local broker can help iron out any last-minute issues with Customs at regional ports and terminals. We have an office near to you – now in Parramatta, Wyong and the Gold Coast as well as all capital cities.


5. Do you trade with NZ?

Our offices extend across the Tasman to Auckland and Wellington, so let us handle Australian and New Zealand Customs seamlessly. That’s just one broker every step of the way.


6. Are you green?

If you are importing or exporting environmentally-friendly goods, you can claim our green discount. These discounts are exclusive to Platinum® Freight’s Green Cargo program. Book today.


7. Know your dollar

Australia’s economic position has improved significantly on last Christmas. Currently trading at US$0.77 consider the right moment to hit send on your order payment so you maximize the strength of the dollar at present.


8. Don’t let strikes delay your goods

Almost without fail, Australian wharves, terminals and logistics experience strikes in the pre-Christmas importing period, meaning goods may be delayed in reaching your warehouse. Factor in potential strikes, usually around November/December and get your goods ahead of time and without headache. We can help you plan urgent imports today, contact us for a quote.

There are many more ways importers and exporters can save by working with us. Check out our 12 Ways to Save.

We look forward to partnering with you soon, for your Christmas imports.