news_young-entreprenuersNational freight management and customs broker launches free customs brokering for young entrepreneurs

Peter McRae knows first hand what it’s like to start a business from nothing. He has built his customs brokering and freight management business, Platinum® Freight Management, from nothing to one of the leading customs clearance agencies in the Australian industry in 12 short years.

“I know how tough it can be to launch your own business at a young age.” said Peter. “So we’ve decided to do what we can to help young entrepreneurs who are importing goods into Australia get their fledgling businesses off the ground.”

Platinum® Freight has launched a new program – the Young Entrepreneurs Program – which provides free customs brokering services for the first three shipments to entrepreneurs aged under 25 who are importing goods for their business.

Platinum® Freight Management’s CEO Peter McRae, who is also a senior lecturer in Customs Brokering, wants to support and encourage those starting out in business, because he knows that Australia’s future success will rely on these young business people.

Using a customs broker generally speeds the import process and minimises other fees, such as storage fees, which can kick in after the goods are in storage for more than a day or so. This is because most good brokers are directly linked to Customs and so documentation can be cleared in less than 24 hours, which is not possible when you are processing all the import documentation yourself. Storage fees generally start at a minimum of $44 per day for air freight, and sea freight can be anything from $125-$200 for the first day, adding significantly to import costs.

A good Australian customs broker will also inform you of any duty or GST charges, and in some cases the duty can be zeroed if the goods meet certain import conditions.

Interested? What next?

To take advantage of this great offer, business owners need to submit their business plan to and be registered at : and

The successful entrepreneur will be:

  • the sole director of the business; or
  • the joint owner of a business (the second director also needs to be under the age of 25 years)

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is aimed at saving the entrepreneur financial expense within their first year of business.

NOTE: Offer does not include food or Alcohol shipments and Platinum® Freight Management Pty Ltd will make the final decision as to whether the work is undertaken.