Book Importing AdviceBook printing is back in vogue, with Chinese printing the low cost alternative to locally produced materials. The quality of book printing in China has improved dramatically, and when coupled with the services of a reliable freight management company, book importing is a straight forward procedure. Cost is no longer a prohibitive barrier for importers.

Two simple steps

Purchasing books printed in China is a twofold procedure, and includes transportation and delivery. Selecting the right customs clearance and delivery company is important. Platinum® Freight Management, partnering with dedicated Chinese warehousing, is the preferred choice, as they have the ability to guarantee a safe and timely delivery of goods.

Modern Chinese printing companies are dedicated to fulfilling their commercial obligations. Nevertheless, concerns remain with importers regarding important questions. Are the books of inferior quality? How can I factor in transportation and customs fees? Will the final cost really be lower? Platinum® Freight Management has the answers.

No hidden costs

The most significant cost in importing books from China, apart from the printing itself, are Australian import and customs duties. By dealing with an experienced customs agent and freight management company, customers can rest easy knowing they will consistently get the best possible price.

Platinum® Freight Management eliminate areas of concern by working in partnership with more than 12 dedicated depots in China, where the books are stored before transportation to Australia, and pre-cleared through Australian Customs. We can then immediately deliver the shipment as soon as it arrives at your chosen Australian seaport or airport. By working directly with Chinese partners, Platinum® Freight Management can obtain all commercial documentation required from the suppliers, ensure the paperwork is in order, and the necessary customs regulations are met, with no hidden charges.

Streamlined importing with Platinum® Freight Management

A buyer acting independently runs the risk of becoming entangled in an importing quagmire that could lead to a delayed delivery and additional expense. Barriers to successfully importing books from China are easily overcome with the guidance of Platinum® Freight Management.

Some Chinese suppliers may prefer to ship goods on their own account. In such cases, books can still be pre-cleared prior to arrival in Australia, with importers able to provide customers with an accurate delivery timeline. China has fast become an international business powerhouse, and the opportunity to take advantage of conditions is provided by Platinum® Freight Management