Bicycle Import NewsAustralia can expect a surge in bicycle imports after the success of our home grown Orica GreenEDGE team at the Tour de France trial this year.

Importers including individuals, retailers, online and wholesale businesses and sporting teams should be on top of the opportunities to eliminate the import duty wherever possible, especially for complete bikes and parts such as pedals, saddles, brakes and hubs.

Bicycle importers have one of the best opportunities to save on import costs due to the majority of items enjoying a duty free status – Australia imports more than 190,000 bicycles a year, and the easiest way to get your bike/s imported quickly is to pay a customs broker to customs clear the bicycles before they arrive into Australia (you can get a quote within sixty seconds at Platinum® Freight).

Customs brokers are electronically linked to the Customs and DAFF computer system where customs clearances can be completed within 24 hours and in most occasions pre-cleared before the goods leave the overseas port.

An added benefit for bicycle importers is that if the shipment is valued at $1,000 AUD or less, then the importer will also enjoy GST free status on the shipment; but once the shipment goes over $1,000 AUD – the GST is applied to the full value of the bike.

For those that need a little assistance when pedalling and choose to import a bicycle with a motor; if that motor exceeds an output of 200 watts (in some cases if the motor exceeds an output of 250 watts and is in compliance with EN 15194) then an import permit will need to obtained from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, before shipping to Australia.

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