parcel-post-newsThe Sydney Cricket Ground recently made history when it became the first venue in the southern hemisphere to host a Season Opener of Major League Baseball. 

To broadcast this historic event a customer had ordered a parabolic microphone via parcel post. The customer was very nearly caught out by the Australian Parcel Post process.

The Microphone arrived in Sydney on the Tuesday and was needed for testing at the SCG on the Thursday. However, with parcel post shipments there is no option for the importer to go to the mail centre and collect the parcel after the customs clearance is complete. The customer had an anxious wait for Australia Post to deliver the parcel to them in time for the big game.

Always on the ball, Platinum® Freight Management ensured that the parcel was cleared in the shortest possible time frame in order that it be delivered on time to the client. The game was a huge success as the The LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks played for a near sell out crowd.

You can learn more about the Parcel Post Customs Clearance process with our informative video and infographic here: Parcel Post Clearances explained.