(or the story of a girl that nearly got away)


diamond-ring-importsMany Australians seeking lower prices for high cost items on eBay overseas are being hit by unexpected import costs and time delays.

A classic example we saw recently was a chap who ordered an engagement ring from Malaysia. He waited for it to arrive at his home, with the plan to propose the following weekend. Instead he received paperwork from Australian Customs saying that the ring was at the Australian Customs/Australia Post mail centre and that he would need to fill in the paperwork before it could be released.

He was then told that this could take up to ten days; so his prospective fiancée unknowingly had to wait another couple of weeks for him to propose. When he called Customs he was told that he faced 5 per cent import duty and 10 per cent GST.

Instead of attempting to complete the paperwork himself and waiting up to ten days to receive the package, he paid $90 for us to complete the paperwork electronically and process the package on the same day. And this is just one of hundreds of stories we have come across where people are hit with unexpected delays or costs.

Sydney Customs brokers (like Platinum® Freight) can limit these delays, as they are linked to Customs and Quarantine. A customs broker can also check if duty is to be paid or if the duty can be reduced, as there are duty concessions available, depending on whether the same or similar items are being manufactured in Australia.

Larger items that arrive by air or sea can attract substantial storage fees that kick in at the airline or sea freight terminal. Storage is generally free for the first 24 hours for air freight and 3 days for sea freight.

If the goods arrive by air on a weekend, then you will start paying storage 24 hours after its arrival. Brokers can customs clear the goods after hours and on weekends because they are linked to Customs and Quarantine electronically.

Ensure you receive hassle free customs clearance in Australia and call 1300 882 877 today to find out how Platinum® Freight can help you.