Importing Horror storiesImporting goods into Australia can become an expensive nightmare for those who try to manage it themselves. It’s not uncommon for a novice to experience delays, damaged and missing goods, or extra charges, so it pays to understand the potential importing pitfalls in order to make the right choices. Every country has different importing/exporting regulations, therefore it makes sense to employ the services of an experienced freight management company. Here are some real life importing horror stories.

Supplier slip-up

A customer needed to import 24 cubic metres of framed canvasses from China. The supplier assured them that everything would be fine as “they ship to Australia all the time”. The goods were sent by the supplier as LCL (less than a container load) although the goods should have been sent FCL (full container load). This oversight led to the customer paying three times more than they should have for Australian port charges. Unfortunately, nothing could be done as the goods had already arrived. The customer’s projected costing, although seemingly accurate, had become totally invalid.

Goods gone AWOL

A customer in Australia organised a FCL of architectural goods to be imported from the U.S.A. The customer was located in Brisbane but the supplier sent the container to Melbourne. The entire container had to be unpacked in Melbourne prior to the loose goods being trucked by road to Brisbane. The cost for re-loading and delivery of the goods to Brisbane became an unwelcome additional expense for the customer.

 The suspect certificate

A customer imported a FCL of home wares to Melbourne from China. According to the supplier “everything would be ok” but the fumigation certificate was assessed as fraudulent by DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). The entire container load required fumigation in Melbourne. The fumigation charge, which had been fraudulently factored into the initial costing, was paid at the customers expense.

Make savings a sure thing

Professional freight management companies such as Platinum® Freight Management take the uncertainty out of importing goods. They are knowledgeable regarding trade agreements between cooperating countries, and will submit the correct paperwork on your behalf on time, every time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Accurate paperwork potentially saving you of thousands of dollars
  • Full understanding of importing legislation and government policies
  • Preferential rates of duty according to international agreements
  • Rated as ‘highly compliant’ by Australian Customs and Quarantine Services
  • We live up to our motto “There is simply no higher level of service”

Our professional service

With more than 22 years of dedicated service providing safe and secure importing of goods into Australia, Platinum® Freight Management has the expertise and experience to provide solutions for every conceivable freight importing scenario. We understand all trade and freight policies related to sea freight, air freight and parcel post. Our experienced brokers will listen to any concerns you have regarding importing pitfalls and take the necessary steps to make sure you proceed with confidence.

Book a consultation

The Platinum® Freight Management consultation will set your mind at ease, knowing that your goods are in capable hands. Freight movements are an important part of business operations, and we will use our expertise to benefit your business, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We investigate any concerns you have and will respond in writing with all the information you require to save on your imports. For your consultation with one of our friendly staff, contact us HERE.