Importing Caravans into Australia from the UKCaravans are often much less expensive in the UK than in Australia, which means importing caravans into Australia from the UK makes sound financial sense. At Platinum® Freight Management, we are dedicated to ensuring your import is trouble-free, and we assist every step of the way by helping you avoid any unnecessary costs. Our highly compliant customs clearance agents understand all Australian Customs and Border Protection Service requirements, and will guide you from point of origin to delivery of the caravan at your chosen destination.

There are several stages involved when importing caravans into Australia from the UK. Prior to importing your caravan, you will need approval from the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Information can be found at Delivering the caravan to your chosen UK port for loading is the next step, and from the outset Platinum® Freight management is on hand to assist wherever required. We can coordinate delivery to the port, and even organise cleaning prior to shipping in order to satisfy Australia’s strict quarantine laws.

There are several costs and import duties involved when importing a caravan to Australia from the UK, but we make it easy for you by taking care of all forms and paperwork. We treat your goods as if they are our own, and at Platinum® Freight Management we are proud of our motto, “There is simply no higher level of service.”  The importing fees are minimal in relation to the value of your caravan, especially compared to similar models in Australia. Here are some associated costs.

  • Cleaning costs at point of origin
  • Shipping costs from the UK to Australia
  • Customs clearance in Australia (Contact Platinum® Freight for a quote)
  • Port charges in Australia approximately $600 – $700
  • Unpacking and quarantine inspection in Australia
  • Import duty 5%Import GST 10%
  • Customs entry $194
  • AQIS fees (time based charges)

There is much to see and do in Australia, and caravanning remains the travel option of choice for people from all walks of life when exploring our vast country. If you are a visitor to Australia, or an Australian resident interested in importing a caravan from the UK, Platinum® Freight Management are the  importing experts who will turn your dream into a reality, on time and on budget.

Call us today on 1300 882 877 and we will be happy to help you set the wheels in motion.