Importing Off Road Vehicles to AustraliaA large range of off-road vehicles can be imported into Australia without the need for a Vehicle Import Approval. However, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service will usually require confirmation that your import doesn’t come under the category of a ‘road vehicle’. Gaining advanced approval of your vehicle category with the assistance of Platinum Freight Management will ensure a smooth customs clearance.

Applying for a Vehicle Import Approval before your vehicle is shipped from overseas will help you avoid storage costs during the assessment process. At Platinum Freight Management, we make certain you don’t experience delays or unnecessary expense. Importing an off-road vehicle can be a confusing or difficult experience, but by working with an experienced team you can rest assured all paperwork will be in order and your importing timeline will be effectively managed.

Off-road vehicles include:

  • Power-assisted pedal cycles
  • Motorised scooters
  • Pocket bikes
  • Off-road motorbikes
  • Mobility wheelchairs
  • Drag racing cars
  • Go carts

It’s all in the design

If a vehicle has been designed and manufactured for use on the road it cannot fall under the category of an off-road vehicle, regardless of modifications or intended usage. An off-road vehicle is designed specifically for off-road use. Conversely, off-road vehicles cannot be registered for on-road use regardless of modifications. Obtaining a copy of the manufacturers specifications outlining the vehicle’s purpose and function will assist greatly with importing.

Depending on the type of off-road vehicle you are importing you will be required to provide evidence of power output, height, speed limitations, and other related category requirements. You may also need to provide a photo of the vehicle, often sourced from the manufactures brochure. Information regarding off-road vehicle import regulations can be sourced at

A customs clearance agent will save you money

Australian Government rules regarding importation of off-road vehicles are constantly evolving. Every type of vehicle has to fulfill exacting specifications before it will be approved for use in Australia. Platinum Freight Management can assist you even before you spend a cent by ascertaining if your purchase will satisfy government regulations.

Get a quote or call us on 1300 882 877: We can assist with the clearance from an overseas port, and also for entry through Australian Customs and Quarantine, and provide you with a quote on all of the customs clearance procedures. If you require assistance for part of your importing journey, or for every phase, Platinum Freight Management are on hand to assist.