Platinum® Freight delivered an early Christmas present to kids of Grafton last week when the Salvation Army asked for help importing new brass musical instruments for its Just Brass program, open to all kids regardless of background or school. Through its social responsibility program, the company donated all time and importing costs to deliver the instruments through customs. Salvation Army Major Colin Young said, “Platinum® Freight have acted quickly and generously to help our children.”


This week Platinum® Freight Management has donated its time and the total cost of all importing fees to help the Salvation Army provide new brass instruments to kids in the Grafton area who want to learn to play.

Donated through Platinum® Freight’s generous Social Responsibility Program, this assistance has saved the Salvation Army Grafton Corp more than $800 in customs clearance fees, and much time and effort in getting the goods into Australia and to kids in the program quickly.

Every month Platinum® Freight Management’s Social Responsibility Program donates a minimum of 10 per cent of its profits to worthy causes and programs benefiting Australian individuals and communities.  This is a unique offering in the highly competitive and fast-paced customs clearance industry.

Major Colin Young of the Salvation Army Grafton Corp said:

“Our Just Brass program currently supports 30 local children and with the 18 new instruments Platinum® Freight has helped us import, we can now increase the program to 50. Platinum® Freight have acted quickly and generously to help our children.”

The Salvation Army’s Just Brass Program is a national initiative, taken up locally by participating Corps. Local Corps are entirely responsible for the acquisition of brass instruments to loan on a long-term basis to the children while they learn to play. The program then also supports a local brass band who practice weekly and perform on occasion.

Major Young approached Platinum® Freight Management late in the customs process to help with clearing the stock ands was grateful to hand over the complicated and detailed clearance process to professional brokers without paying the fees that accompany it.

“Platinum® Freight has been a very generous supporter of our program and, importantly, it has orchestrated a swift delivery of the new instruments so that we can extend our local program as early as this week,” Young said.

Platinum® Freight CEO Peter McRae added: “We are very proud of our Social Responsibility Program. In this case, we’ve helped kids access musical education that might have otherwise been unaffordable. This is a fantastic cause and we are very pleased to partner with the Salvos.”

Previous beneficiaries of Platinum® Freight’s Social Responsibility Program include Football United, Stewart House, White Ribbon, Vinnies CEO Sleepout and families at local schools. Candidates for the program are selected personally by Platinum® Freight CEO Peter McRae, himself an active supporter of Australian charities.

For further information about Platinum® Freight Management’s Social Responsibility Program, click here.