Central Coast businesses who import and export will have access to leading, internationally-recognised customs brokers on their doorstep with the launch of Platinum® Freight Management’s first regional office in Wyong this month.

To celebrate the launch, until the end of September Platinum® Freight will offer Central Coast businesses free in-person consultations with a highly experienced broker, by appointment.

Wyong represents the Australian agency’s first regional step. The region generated 2.8billion importing dollars in 2015/16*. Additionally, according to the Department of Industry**, it contributes substantially to food production in the Sydney region and is a strategic location for warehousing and distribution.

CEO Peter McRae sees the area as an attractive and fast-growing home-base for importers and exporters who need large warehousing facilities, citing its proximity to major international ports in Sydney and Newcastle. As such, Wyong was a natural direction for the company’s regional growth.

“Importers and exporters in the Wyong, Gosford and surrounds have enormous comparative freight and logistics costs due to their distance from international ports, so reducing extraneous costs should be a high priority,” explained McRae. “Yet until now there has been an undersupply of internationally-experienced customs brokers in the local area who can partner with them to offer premium advice in person.”

“We are looking to make strong partnerships with local importers and exporters on the coast and help make a difference to their businesses,” McRae added.

Customs Brokers are responsible for managing all export and import customs clearance processes on behalf of clients. Platinum® Freight believes that SME’s and small businesses have the most to lose in the vast scope of importing fees they face, as every cost is a bigger percentage of overall profit.

Understanding this, Platinum® Freight delivers the fastest response time in market, acts quickly to eliminate holding fees for cargo in docks and, importantly, ensures accuracy in documentation so that no extraneous fees are applied to any client’s shipments. In addition, the agency offers unrivalled seven-day-a-week service with extended hours to meet the needs of a global marketplace.

“We have designed our business to deliver a positive customer experience to all clients, commensurate with our motto: Simply no higher level of service ®,” said McRae. “Being local is an important part of this promise.”

Platinum® Freight operates unique and valuable programs for clients including:

To book a free in-person consultation with a local broker in September, phone 1300 882 877.