Importers of environmentally ‘Green’ products will be rewarded in 2018, pledged leading Customs Brokerage Platinum® Freight Management with the launch of its Green 2018 campaign today.

Platinum® Freight Management’s Green 2018 promises that every importation of certified sustainable, recycled or green energy products will receive a discount of 20 per cent off customs clearance fees throughout this year.

Green 2018 is our way of supporting Green business, increasing Green Cargo®, Green Freight® and driving more Green business practices in Australian importing,” said Platinum® Freight CEO Peter McRae.

In addition to its Green 2018 discount, Platinum® Freight is committed to proactively seeking out and applying any import duty reduction wherever possible.

“Importing is a minefield of paperwork and formalities. For importers who aren’t across the changes to policy frameworks, they could miss additional cost-savings relevant to the items that they are importing. We will work proactively with all Green clients, regardless of the size of their import, to ensure that every Green Cargo® saving is applied, to save them money every time,” McRae said.

Imported Green Cargo® items include (but are not limited to):

  • Solar goods (battery cells, panels, hot water heaters)
  • Wind or Hydro turbines
  • Bicycles
  • Composting systems
  • Eco friendly goods (legally logged timber products, reusable shopping bags, smart glass or insulated glass

“If we can work with clients to reduce the cost of bringing in Green Cargo® products as an alternative to less sustainable options, we hope that more Australian importers will choose to buy Green.

Green 2018 is an initiative of Platinum® Freight’s Social Responsibility charter, whereby the company looks for ways to support a better way of living for Australian people. Other Social Responsibility Programs include heavy discounts for charity organisations and community-focused NFPs, and a Young Entrepreneurs Program which offers importers under the age of 25 no customs clearance charge for their first shipment.

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