Today is a very exciting day for Platinum® Freight Management, as we turn 11.

I still remember the day when I was at the accountants office  asking how much would it cost to register a business ? She told me, I wrote a cheque on the spot. I then applied for the corporate customs licence with Australian Customs and we were off and running in the following January.

Eleven years of successfully securing, recruiting and maintaining customers, Australia wide. It’s a good feeling.

I guess our success comes down to the fact that we are open 24 hours, we provide clear advice about importing and exporting and we conduct ourselves as if your business is our business.

Because ultimately, the success of your business determines the success of Platinum® Freight.

As I have said before, we are not in business for the money, we are in business because this is what the team at Platinum® Freight do best – make international logistic transactions happen.

In 2011, we have welcomed many new customers from as far away as Broome all the way down to Dandenong and Hobart. We have facilitated the import and export a wide variety of commodities from wine, to motor cars, bulldozers, jewellery, air conditioners, laptop computers, an Owl, skateboards and even live fish!

After 11 years, there is still nothing better than seeing a customer who is “giving it a go”, who is taking a risk and who wants to make a difference to their life by being self sufficient in their own business. After all, I have been been in their shoes, I have walked their path and I know the challenges and pitfalls in trying to make your business a success.

When you do business with Platinum® Freight you are doing business with someone who cares about the success of your venture… there is “Simply no higher level of service”.