cpapApproximately 25 per cent of men and 10 per cent of women suffer from disturbed sleep caused by breathing difficulties. As we age the numbers increase, with one in three older men suffering from sleep apnoea.

In the 1970’s, Colin Sullivan, an Australian physician working at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, cobbled together a machine from a diving mask, vacuum cleaner engine, and plastic tubes. His first trial patient was cured of a severe sleeping disorder overnight, and the sleep apnoea machine was born.

Low cost importing

Unlike most countries, Australia has a zero per cent import duty rate for sleep apnoea machines; Platinum® Freight Management knows of how to also lower your GST assessment. The only Government fee that is required to be paid by yourself is the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service lodgement fee of $40.20 (parcel post) or $55.20 (airfreight).

Don’t sleep on it: contact us today

Sufferers of sleep apnoea understand it is a discomfort that won’t disappear overnight. Fortunately, Platinum® Freight Management are on hand to assist 7 days a week and can coordinate the customs clearance and delivery of your product in the fastest possible time frame.

Contact Platinum® Freight Management regarding any questions that you may have regarding your imports from overseas. We have been rated as highly compliant by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

The money that we can save you will go a long way to helping you rest easy.