If you wish to import firearms for sporting, hunting or target-shooting, either as an individual or as a business, you must first contact your State or Territory Police [firearms licensing section] to complete their B709 application form. 

In Australia, all firearm imports must have an import permit, commonly referred to as a B709A from your State or Territory Police [firearms licensing section], 1) before purchase and 2) before shipping the firearms to Australia. Let’s examine why this B709A import permit is necessary and how you obtain the B709A.

Why Do I Need a B709A Import Permit?

The Australian Border Force [the Commonwealth] control the importation of firearms through 1) the Customs Act 1901 and also 2) through the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.

Obtaining a B709A import permit is the most crucial part of the process when you are considering purchasing and importing firearms. This permit identifies the owner of the firearms and allows the Commonwealth, State and Territories to be on the same page in regards to who has imported the firearms and which firearms were imported.

Furthermore, it also ensures that licensed persons are importing the sporting, hunting or target-shooting firearms.

It is important to note that if you fail to obtain the B709A import permit prior to shipping the firearms and if your firearms arrive into Australia without a B709A; your firearms will be considered a Prohibited Import and the firearms will be seized upon arrival by the Australian Border Force. 

How Can I Obtain a B709A Import Permit?

The process for obtaining a B709A import permit will vary depending on your State or Territory Police [firearms licensing section]; essentially the process is similar but you will need to start the process with your State or Territory’s Police [firearms licensing section]. 

The various State and Territory Police [firearms licensing sections] are listed below:

NSW Police Force – Firearms Registry

Victoria Police – Firearms Licensing

Western Australia Police Force – Licensing Services [Firearms]

South Australia Police – Firearms Branch

Australian Capital Territory Policing – Firearms Registry

NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services – Firearms Registry

Tasmania Police – Firearms Services

Queensland Police – Weapons Licensing

Platinum® have been working with firearm imports for twenty-three years. We understand what needs to be done in order to obtain a B709A import permit; we know what errors can occur and we have seen the errors that novice importers and their suppliers have made. 


Obtaining a B709A import permit is crucial when considering importing firearms for sporting, hunting or target-shooting into Australia. The B709A import permit regulates the purchase and importation across State, Territory and Commonwealth legislation.  

Platinum® is here to make your firearm importing process smooth. The importance of having the B709A import permit issued well in advance and 100% accurate cannot be overstated; failure to have an accurate B709A can result in lengthy delays and issues. Reach out to Platinum® today.