Ok, so you wish to import toys from overseas… what next?

If you have the right customs broker there is the potential to reduce the import duty on toys from 5% to 0%. Simply email us the pictures of the toys and we can assess whether they will be subject to the lower rate of import duty.

Other factors to consider:

  • The costs of the toys
  • The shipping costs from overseas to Australia
  • Customs clearance in Australia (contact Platinum® Freight for a quote)
  • Port charges / Airline terminal fees in Australia
  • Import GST 10%
  • Customs entry $ 55.20- $ 88 (depending on how your goods arrive into Australia)
  • AQIS fees (time based charges)

Platinum® Freight™ customs clears toys in Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, why not allow us to make your project smooth and hassle free?

Call 1300 882 877 today for an obligation free quote or use our handy estimator to get an idea of the total cost of your import..

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