This week we welcome on board a fabric importer who is importing high value fabrics from Italy for the very first time.

The team at Platinum® Freight, assessed the duty rates for fabric and noticed that the standard rate of duty would be 5%.

Platinum® Freight researched possible avenues of duty reduction and were pleased to advise the importer that the fabric would be required to pay $0.00 duty.

All shipments will be pre-cleared through Australian Customs so that when the cargo arrives into Australia, the fabric will be delivered to the customer expeditiously.

Platinum® Freight and the team are proud to be working with this new customer…it just goes to show that “no matter where you live, no matter where you work, Platinum® Freight is the logistics solution…”

As they say in Italian….” un nuovo inizio ”    a new beginning  for both Platinum® Freight and the customer .