Local organisation Football United® was developed from a vision that people’s love for Football (soccer) can be used to build opportunities for belonging, racial harmony and community cohesion. Begun with a goal to support refugee and newly arrived immigrant youth and families in their transition into Australian society, as the program implementation progressed, Football United leadership noted that often community sport, as currently practiced, is exclusive rather than inclusive. Participation is largely not possible for many socio-disadvantaged youth.

Recently Football United were given the opportunity to deliver 25,000 “almost indestructible” soccer balls to children across Australia in both remote and low socio-economic communities in major cities either through local organisations or schools. The balls came courtesty of One World Futbol, who will give out around 2.5 million free balls around the world to needy children.

Platinum® Freight thought this was a great initiative and as part of it’s Social Responsibility Program, has offered to not only process the customs clearance per each container pro bono but also to cover the port charges per container as well.

I cannot thank you enough for this generous support!!!!
Your support will do a world of good – and believe me it is not easy to get support for the work we do – regardless of how many people love the game – they don’t understand the power of using it for social good!
Thank you so very much – from all of us!!!
Dr. Anne W. Bunde-Birouste, Founder and CEO, Football United,

You can help Football United to continue achieving their goals by donating at their website or buying their song “Field of Dreams” on iTunes.

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