tips for importing jewellerySimple mistakes, changes to procedures or just a change of flight can cost time, money and, in some cases, a client as a result of hold-ups with Customs, even for experienced importers.

Designer Kate McCoy last year returned from Hong Kong with diamonds in hand, entering Australia via Brisbane before connecting to Sydney. Having previously customs-cleared her own stock in Sydney on direct flights, she hadn’t anticipated a 24-hour waylay to await Brisbane’s different Customs process.

Contemplating a missed connecting flight, her alternative was to engage a specialist brokerage to facilitate immediate customs clearance on her behalf.

Kate said: “I made a business decision – pay a broker and save on hotels and new flight costs. Platinum® Freight cleared the diamonds and I made my connecting flight 30 minutes later. Impressive.”

Platinum® Freight Management offers three importing tips for jewellers:

1. Know Customs rules:

  • Customs clearance occurs at the first Australian port entered.
  • Customs can review paperwork for up to five years – penalising for errors in arrears. Be accurate!
  • Customs brokers assess compliance, taxes, costs and can even guarantee no penalties on shipments for clients.

2. Know the costs:

  • There is no duty free allowance for business goods or samples
  • Factor in: transport to Customs offices from the airport, fees for flight changes after Customs delay, hotels, the cost of time, also freight and logistics after clearance. Also factor in Customs holding fees that may apply in delays.
  • Brokers assess all fees, taxes, and free trade agreements, and work on schedules that save the client.

3. Plan ahead:

  • Pre-clearance before goods departs provide a delay-free customs process upon arrival
  • Pre-planned logistics avoids risk of holding fees at Customs.

Platinum® Freight Management is a member of the Jewellers Association of Australia and an experienced supporter of Australian jewellery importers. For more information about importing gemstones and jewellery into Australia, or for a free quote, visit or phone 1300 882 877.